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Kenting Travel Diary

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A Long Drive Down to Kenting

We took really long like 7 hours from Taipei to Kenting by car. We bought a bikini at Taipei and drove from around 10 pm until around 5 am the next morning.

It’s quite windy in Henchung.

The Hotel We Booked: Nan Tian Hai Hostel

Cost: NT$ 2,700 for 3 nights

The room is beautiful with walls with cats. It’s on the second floor.

The checkout time is 11:30 am. However, since we arrived at the hotel super late like 5 am in the morning, the boss said it’s okay for us to check-out before 12:30 am (mid-day).

The con is that it’s somehow noisy of the room because it’s beside the main street of the Kenting night market with traffic, cars, etc.

The lobby of the hostel at the first floor

The room we booked. The screenshot is from

We didn’t book through, but booked from phone calls and Line conversation.

White Sand Bay (白沙灣)

One of the entrances to the beach

We walked through this small park to the beach. It’s quite chilling.

Dinner at 後壁湖興海食堂, Houbihu

After some beach time, we felt hungry. We searched on Google Map and found out a restaurant called 後壁湖興海食堂 with sashimi, seafood, and traditional Taiwanese food. We’re amazed that a big dish of sashimi was just 200 NTD (around 7 USD). There are 40 pieces of sashimi inside!

a super big quantity of sashimi

I wouldn’t say it’s very fresh. However, the quality is not bad.

Clam Soup

It’s super tasty.

Pan-fried seafood with shrimps, squid, vegetables, black fungus

Squid (三杯花枝)

The rice is free where you can have it as much as you can.

The geoduck which looks quite funny.

This lobster is one of the largest ones I’ve ever seen.

Little Bay (小灣)

Little Bay is not far from our hotel. It takes just

People, Sand, and Sea

Kenting Night Market

We walked down the Kenting night market for two nights. We had some fried sweet potato balls, normal ice cream, Italian ice cream, and dry pumpkin cookies.


At the mid-day of the third day, we drove back Yilan passing through Taitung and Hualien.