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Asking for a visitor visa approval for foreigners who are already in Taiwan because of the Coronavirus

I’m Tim, a Taiwanese.  


My gf is an Italian who stays with me in Taiwan for more than one year by Visa-exempt. Because of the coronavirus, she doesn’t want to depart from Taiwan. There is the risk of life. The virus is  already considered a pandemic. Many people passed away because of it. She overstays since Feb 6. Currently she cannot return to Italy which already locked down the airports. Taiwan now has also ban entry for foreigners coming to Taiwan. My gf has to rely on me financially. She can only stay with me in Taiwan now. I went to the Foreign Affairs today asking if my gf can apply for a visitor VISA directly without departing from Taiwan. Many people asked for similar issues. They said the virus is not considered as “natural disasters or other force majeure reasons”. She cannot apply for converting to a visitor VISA. 


However, the Coronavirus should be exactly considered as natural disasters.  


According to the law of VIsa-exempt, the Coronavirus should be considered as natural disasters and force majeure reasons. I hope the Foreign Affairs can make a more humane decision. I cannot just see my gf depart out of Taiwan and face the risk of the deadly virus.


The Foreign Affairs should make a more humane decision.


I already emailed the managers of the Foreign Affairs ( asking to acknowledge the virus as natural disasters.


I also resort to and email to the Office of the President ROC and the Control Yuan of Taiwan to explain that the Coronavirus should be considered as natural disasters. I hope the government entities on top of the Foreign Affairs should make an explanation about the Visa-exempt laws. Because of the coronavirus, it should allow foreigners who already are in Taiwan to apply for a visitor VISA, at least until the end of the virus. The government already ban foreigners from entering Taiwan. But for foreigners who are already in Taiwan. The governmetn should be humane and do some protection. For the rule that foreigners can only depart from Taiwan and cannot reenter, it will only cause unnecessary people flows, increasing the risk of the death tolls. 


I cannot just risk my gf to depart from Taiwan and risk her life for the virus attached on the chair of the airplane. The virus can even stay 3 days in the air or on most of the surfaces like chairs or table.


The best decision for her now is to just stay in Taiwan. Taiwan is good at taking care of the virus.


If you want to support her or have the similar situations, comment below to support foreigners in Taiwan and maybe we should do a petition.


Visa-exempt laws:


  1. Foreign visitors entering the R.O.C. through visa-exemption may only apply for converting to visitor visas within their legal stay at the Bureau of Consular Affairs or branch offices of MOFA in case of: severe acute diseases, natural disasters or other force majeure reasons, which hold them back from leaving the R.O.C. In addition, white-collar professionals who have obtained the work permits within their legal stay may apply for work visas, together with their spouse and minors (under age 20) entering the R.O.C. at the same time.