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2020 June Miaoli Travel Diary 109年6月 苗栗旅遊日記

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Travel Plan of Miaoli 苗栗旅遊規劃

We have four days and three nights (Thu to Sun, June 25 to June 28).

From Taipei to Zhunan, Miaoli by bus 台北到苗栗竹南 – 國光客運

Day 1, June 25 (Thu)

depart from Taipei to Miaoli by bus

rent a scooter at Zhunan train station

reach the resort (hotel)

Day 2, June 26 (Fri)

Miaoli Hakka Round House 苗栗客家圓樓

Baisha Tun Old Street 白沙屯老街

Tong Xiao Night Market 通霄夜市

Day 3, June 27 (Sat)

Strawberry Cultural Center 草莓文化館

Sheng-Hsing Train Station 勝興車站

Remains of Longteng Bridge 龍騰斷橋(魚藤坪斷橋)

The train, A路線 勝興站 ←→ 南斷橋秘境, was all booked, only one seat left. The ticket price was NT$250 per person. So we will go by scooter we rent.

Chateau In The Air 天空之城

Arwin vanilla plant workshop 雅聞香草植物工廠

Zhuolan Gorge 卓蘭大峽谷

Day 4, June 28 (Sun)

Guihuaxiang 桂花巷

Xiangtian Lake 向天湖

Fairy Valley 神仙谷

The Hotel: 民宿: 谷巴森林遊樂區

Room price: NT$1900 per night.

It’s a three people room. There are one double bed and one single bed.

The fridge is small and not so cold.

when we booked, showed that there was no room left. We called the resort, the female owner said there was one room for us. When we paid the fee at the spot, the female owner said the rooms were not all booked. She said she didn’t want to make the rooms all booked, which is kind of strange. Later we found out that it was a motel in the past and there were so many rooms at that time. I guess they don’t want to rent out many rooms because they don’t have much staff. I only saw 4 staff in total.

The rooms:


Lookdown from the resort:

Day 1, June 25 (Thu)

We arrived at Miaoli around 9 pm by bus, rented a scooter, which was NT$500 per day. It’s more pricy then Yilan which is around 250 to 300 per day because there are few scooter rentals in Miaoli.

Day 2, June 26 (Fri)


Day 3, June 27 (Sat)

Day 4, June 28 (Sun)